Poetry in Location.

An impactful, engaging and memorable visual identity for the development.

Remaining true to Lovell’s transformational mission and community-centred values, our winning pitch to brand and market their Cockermouth development was firmly located in the literary heritage and community values of this inspiring rural location.

The areas natural beauty and affinity with writers, poets and artists all provided a rich resource for creative theming and naming. Our empathetic approach imbued the development with a feeling of immediate belonging from the outset resonating with residents and the surrounding community whilst also creating a sense of optimism, excitement and expectation.

Visually, our foundations were initially set in classical themes of the artisan, the print maker and natural history illustrator, again all naturally associated with the rural heritage and history of the location. Exquisitely rendered illustrations, calligraphic treatments and soft blushes of colour not only give the scheme a sense of sophistication and authenticity but also reinforce notions of craftsmanship and quality. Introducing contemporary design values and visual treatments to this foundation enabled us to create an impactful, engaging and memorable visual identity for the development.

Lovell are delighted with the results and we have secured work for a further three developments with them, one of which being the 14yr redevelopment of Platting Village in Manchester.