Leeds’ leading estate agent gets an exciting rebrand

Leeds’ leading estate agent gets an exciting rebrand

We were excited to undertake an exciting rebranding project for 'Lets Leeds,' as we transformed one of the city’s favourite estate agents into 'HOP' - a clever acronym for 'Home of Property.' Our innovative approach to design and branding has breathed new life into the business by crafting a fresh and contemporary image that redefines its identity and market positioning.

The decision to undergo such a major rebranding came as Lets Leeds wanted to be better aligned with the evolving real estate landscape and position itself as a leader in the industry. We’re pleased to announce that they’re delighted with their new brand and feel that it perfectly reflects not only their commitment to innovation, but also enhances their appeal to a broader audience.

We were selected for this important job thanks to our ability to capture the essence of a brand and translate it into a compelling visual and conceptual narrative. The collaborative efforts between ourselves and the team at what was Lets Leeds, have given rise to an exciting new brand that not only spotlight’s the business’s core focus, but also embodies a sense of progress and modernity.

Speaking about working with On Fire, Luke Gidney, MD for the newly branded HOP, expressed enthusiasm for the transformative journey. "As a forward-thinking estate agency, we recognised the importance of adapting to the changing dynamics of the property market. Our partnership with On Fire was a strategic move to ensure that we had an exciting new position in the market that reflects our values and resonates with our clientele. The resulting brand and associated comms that have been created encapsulates not just our commitment to buying and selling homes, but also shows our enthusiasm and experience in the world of real estate."
On Fire's Creative Director, Vince Schofield, shared insights into the inspiration behind the chosen name. "HOP is not just a word, it's a concept that encapsulates the essence of 'Home of Property.' It conveys movement, progress and a leap into a new era of real estate. We believe it perfectly aligns with the business’s vision for the future."

As the Leeds property market continues to evolve, HOP is poised to make a significant impact, solidifying its position as a leading force in the city's real estate landscape. The unveiling of the new identity marks the beginning of an exciting chapter for the estate agent business as it looks forward to creating new milestones under its refreshed brand.