It’s hip to have heart

We’re thrilled to have not one, but two of our brand identities featured in Logology2

We always put our heart and soul into our creative. Which is why we’re thrilled to have not one, but two of our brand identities featured in Logology2 – The Wonderful World of Logo Design.

Our first identity was created for Peel Holdings to brand a residential apartment building in the centre of the now-famous MediaCityUK, where the new BBC headquarters are to be based.

After conceiving the name, ‘The Heart’ on the basis that this was to be not only a place where people lived and so needed a human element, but also a development that would supply the lifeblood to the BBC and the1500 creative agencies residing in MediaCityUK, we set about creating the ident.

Much of the work taking place within MediaCityUK will be broadcast and media, but as part of the Peel Holdings vision, this was to be a place that would welcome, and indeed, actively promote a new digital revolution – hence it made perfect sense to make strong reference to digital, more specifically pixels and binary coding, within the graphic execution.

The second of our inclusions in Logology2 is our identity for Love Your Brows, an amazing new cosmetic brand to be launched later this year.
With an extremely geometric execution of concentric hearts, our aim was to create the illusion of the middle of the heart protruding outwards – rather like extracting the best from your eyebrows and a visual metaphor for the effect of drawing people towards you – by the power of amazing beauty.
We’re very proud of both identities and of course, delighted to have them included in what many see as the logo designer’s bible.

As Victionary, the people behind Logology2, explain:

“A continuation of study into the aggressive trend of logo design, Logology®2 goes on to probe into designers’ brilliant minds and see how they managed to transform clients’ requests and ideologies into concrete signs composed of distinguishable icons, types or illustrations, or a combination of the three.”

Well, it’s nice to be called brilliant and it’d be even nicer if you took a look to see our hard work paying off in the book itself. You can buy yourself a copy here