Giving student accommodation A+ branding

Giving student accommodation A+ branding

Leeds has a new beacon for student living, and it goes by the name Union. We’re proud to have meticulously crafted the branding for this cutting-edge student accommodation, as well as full marketing support.

The Union was created to embody the spirit of community, collaboration and modern living. Our designers seamlessly blended these elements to create an identity that reflected the vibrant student culture in Leeds.

Vince Schofield, Creative Director at ON FIRE AGENCY, spoke about the brand's inception, "Union encapsulates a sense of community and shared experiences that define student living. It was an exciting journey translating this into a brand that resonates with the vibrant energy of Leeds."

Beyond branding, we also created the Union website, ensuring a user-friendly experience that captured the essence of the accommodation. This served as a virtual gateway for prospective residents that mirrored the contemporary and dynamic vibe of the brand name. In addition, we also produced a captivating video that provided a virtual tour.

Hamze Hidris, MD at Union, expressed his satisfaction with ON FIRE AGENCY's contribution, "Working with ON FIRE AGENCY has been a transformative experience. They not only created a brand that perfectly aligns with our vision but also translated it into a website, video, and marketing strategy that truly capture the essence of 'Union.' It's more than just accommodation; it's a lifestyle, and ON FIRE AGENCY helped us communicate that effectively."

Union redefined the student accommodation landscape in Leeds. And it was our pleasure to bring this to life, not only creating a brand, but our marketing strategy positioning it as the premier student accommodation in Leeds across various platforms.