A pitch-winning proposal to Khalsmith Developers

Selecting the right partner was paramount for us, given the pivotal role branding and digital presence play in our industry

We’re delighted to have comeout on top following a highly competitive pitch, clinching the contract to spearhead the branding, website development, and brochure-ware creation for Khalsmith Developer.

The announcement comes as theLeeds’ based developers renowned for their innovative approach to urban development and architectural design, sought a partner to raise their brand presence and digital footprint. Following a rigorous selection process, our comprehensive proposal, blending creative flair with strategic insights fitted perfectly with Khalsmith Developer's vision and objectives.

"We're thrilled to collaborate with Khalsmith Developer on this transformative journey, "remarked Karl Lakin, Creative Director at On Fire Agency. "Their commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with our agency's ethos, and we're eager to bring their vision to life through captivating branding, cutting-edge digital experiences, and engaging brochure-ware work."

The partnership signifies a strategic move for Khalsmith Developer as it endeavours to elevate its brand identity and streamline its communication channels to effectively engage with stakeholders, clients, and the broader community. By leveraging our expertise in branding and digital solutions, we aim to help Khalsmith Developer consolidate their position as a trailblazer in the real estate and property development landscape.

The project scope encompasses the development of a cohesive branding strategy that encapsulates Khalsmith Developer's values, mission, and unique selling propositions. Additionally, we will undertake the creation of a dynamic website, optimised for user experience and functionality, to showcase their portfolio of projects and facilitate seamless interaction with potential clients and stakeholders.